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Marine Flex System is a flexible cable and metal pipe penetration seal developed for penetrations in both deck and bulkhead. Marine Flex System stops propagation of fire, smoke, gas and water. The elasticity and strength of the sealing material offers a flexible seal that resists movements and vibration without cracking, deformation or loss of adhesion.

The Marine Flex System is intended for use in both deck as well as bulkhead penetrations. Marine Flex System stops spreading of fire, smoke, gas, water, dust and sound. The elasticity and strenght of the sealing material Marine Flex offers a flexible seal that resists large movements and vibrations without deforming or loss of adhesion. Marine Flex System is approved for use below the waterline.

  • Marine Flex System is approved for use below the waterline.
  • Easy and fast installation with no special tools required.
  • Two part numbers covers all sizes and type of penetrations.
  • Repairs or retrofits are easy to make.
  • Rated for A0 – A60 & H0 – H60.
  • Meet the requirements of IMO 2010 FTP Code Part 3


The system utilizes non-combustible Calcium Silicate Blanket packed in to the penetration between the sleeve and the cables. The external surfaces of the seal are protected by a layer of Marine Flex, a fire resistant silicone which forms a water and gas tight seal. The Marine Flex System is installed with ease and without any special tools.

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Packaging Description Color Content Unit/Bx Unit/Pallet
100906 Marine Flex Sealant (FSS3000) White 310 ml 15 1260
100907 Marine Flex Sealant (FSS3000) Black 310 ml 15 1260
100903 Marine Blanket  Ceramic wool White 100×25 mm 7,3 m 6 16
100904 Marine Blanket  Ceramic wool White 600×25 mm 7,3 m 1 16
100915 Marine Flex Sealant Spacer Ø10 mm White 10×180 mm 200 1

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Retrofit guide marine flex system fs-tp2011-03

Supervisory control marine flex system fs-qp2010-04


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All certificates for Marine Flex System are available to our customers on our Certificate download page. Go to the Certificate and DOC page.