We have worked hard to make FireSeal easy

FireSeal is a complete system for many kinds of fire sealing requirements, construction materials and penetration types. Even though it consists of only two components: one blanket and one sealant.

The small number of components is the result of continuous development in which we make each one work in multiple situations and easily combine with the others. You don’t need to keep track of lots of limitations and exceptions, plus it takes less time to fit and fine-tune.

Because FireSeal has worked so hard, it is easy for you to do the job correctly, thereby making installations safe!

We want you to be able to work effectively

Our main system, FireSeal FS-Flex D, handles cables, pipes and ductwork applications without the need for any frames or special tools.

It consists of two main components: a ceramic blanket and a fire-resistant silicone putty. The firestop blanket D-24B is easy to adapt to the penetration’s shape and size, and has a consistency that is easy to pack tightly. The firestop sealant 3000 is quick to fill with and easy to smooth out. It helps especially when working with hard to reach penetrations, such as behind and above pipes and ducts and around bundled cables.

And if you need to make modifications somewhere afterwards it could not be easier: Just make holes for the new pipe or cable, pull it through and re-seal.

A complete system includes training and support

FireSeal’s components are certified together, so when working within our system, your seals are automatically safe and approved.

The easiness of the system also makes it easy to learn. Our distributors offer customized training to get started and master all of the most common penetrations. You will also find clear instructional videos for them on our website. If you still have questions, our distributors provide fast, solution-oriented support.

FireSeal’s system, with products, training and support, is a total solution for fire sealing that increases safety and profitability!

FireSeal’s instructional videos are here »

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