Easy Transit

Easy Transit is a fire rated cable transit approved for marine installations on commercial and navy vessels, as well as oil, gas and wind offshore. Installations can be made in both bulkhead and deck where requirements of A0-A60 exist.

  • Filling ratio: empty to full
    Easy Transit utilize the full penetration and gives the possibility of high space efficiently. Approved to use empty or full of cables in bundles up to ø160 mm. When dealing with high cable loads, it is essential to consider methods that require fewer penetrations while maintaining cost efficiency.
  • Install from one side only
    By installing from one side only the installation process is simplified, saving time and effort. This is particularly beneficial in tight or restricted spaces where accessing multiple sides may be challenging or impossible. In addition, it provides unprecedented opportunities to run cable in tight bends as Easy Transit does not extend from the bulkhead.
  • Tests and certificates
    Fire tests for installation in A0-A60 class in bulkhead and deck have been carried out according to IMO 2010 FTP Code. Certificates will be available from ABS & US Costguard and MED-B. To ensure the long-term survival of the structure, a vibration test has been carried out in accordance with the marine type approval standard IACS E10 and IEC 60068-2 6:2007. Tests have been carried out at an accredited third party testing laboratory.
  • Fast installation
    FireSeal understands the importance of fire protection and has engineered a new innovative fire sealing system that is efficient and does not compromise on quality. The design and streamlined installation techniques will save valuable time and labor cost. Installation time of the Easy Transit system is in average less than 4 minutes!Read about all advantage of Easy Transit,  here!
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Art.no Description Dimention Weight Unit/Bx Unit/Pallet
100947 Easy Transit ET80 80 mm / 3,2 in 0,61 kg / 1,34 lb 1
100948 Easy Transit ET160 160 mm / 6,3 in 1,56 kg / 3,44 lb 1

Technical information

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All certificates for Easy Transit are available to our customers on our Certificate download page. Go to the Certificate and DOC page.