Intumescent Sleeve – [Kniparen 50]

Intumescent Sleeve [Kniparen 50] is a single- or multiple cable and plastic pipe seal aimed for deck and bulkhead penetrations and installed with self-tapping screws. Intumescent Sleeve [Kniparen 50] will prevent fire, smoke, gas and water to spread into surrounding areas. The elasticity and strength of the sealing material offers a flexible seal that resists movements and vibrations without cracking, deformation or loss of adhesion.

The Intumescent Sleeve can be mounted directly in the bulkhead or in the deck with the mounting plate. It can also be installed in a sleeve with the Marin Flex System to create an easy retrofit transit for cables.


  • Rated for A0 – A60.
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Packaging Description Color Content Unit/Bx Unit/Pallet
100908 Marine Intumescent Sleeve Ø50 x 330mm Red 15 600
100782 Mounting Plate Connector 150×150 mm Black 5
100906 Marine Flex Sealant (FSS3000) White 310 ml 15 1260
100907 Marine Flex Sealant (FSS3000) Black 310 ml 15 1260


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